28.3.2010 & 31.3.2010

A show about home sweet home, a show about the place you hang your hat, a show about what happens behind closed doors; a show where if those four walls could talk – what a story they would tell.

The scenes…

Identity Crisis writer: Mikey Jackson | Gary Buckley, Marc Barnes & Lorna Jones

Failure to Communicate writer: Jack Till and Damian Nicolaou | Emma Stannard & Oscar Rickett

Nursery writer: David Black | Brett John, Jess Stanley & Dan McLane

Lady Latterday’s Chuffer writer: Gordon Robertson | Verity Clayton/ Abigail Jackson, Robert Sladden, Lorna Jones & Nicholas Ruben

Bats writer: Su-Ann Yoo | Vera Chok & Gary Buckley

What Men Really Get Up To In Their Sheds writer: Gordon Robertson | Gemma Stone, Marc Barnes & Oscar Rickett

Behind The Bathroom Door writer: Nicola Young | Nicola Young, Dan McLane, Robert Sladden & David Black

The Mug wrier: Jim Vanderpump | Nicholas Ruben & Jess Stanley

ASBO writer: Derek Thompson | Gemma Stone, Emma Stannard & Brett John

A Portrait of Maureen Flange writer: Tim Downie | Abigail Jackson & David Black

Telephone writer: David Black | Emma Stannard

Back From Holiday writer: Gordon Robertson | Verity Clayton/ Jessica Stanley, Lorna Jones & Gary Buckley

The Dinner Party writer: Benjamin Roberts | Gemma Stone, Nicola Young, Vera Chok, Dan McLane, David Black & Marc Barnes

Behind the scenes…
Director: Anna Sulan Masing | Producers:  Nicola Young & Benjamin Roberts | Set: Danielle Addley & Nic Correll | Visuals and Sound: Benjamin Roberts | Flyer: Federico Zellini | Script consultants: Jess Stanley, Abigail Gallagher, David Black, Zoë Alyssa Cooper | Thanks to Hoxton Square bar & kitchen and Etcetera Theatre; all the artists for the lovely art work, our super door people, still photographers and videographers all who’ve helped out and you for supporting us |

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